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x[Read my lips]x

I promise not to bite

24 December
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  • xscarlettbloodx@livejournal.com

x[[The Girl]]x
x Scarlett/19/Kent
x Has a pet rat called Moonlight [=
x Bisexual and proud
x Depressed
x Complicated
x Misunderstood
x Tortured artist
x Writer
x In touch with her sensitive side
x Crazy

x Her friends <3
x Alcohol
x Writing
x Death
x Cutting
x Rats, Bats and cats
x Inner beauty
x Hot emo boys
x English
x Graphics
x Romance
x Graveyards

x Her parents
x Haters
x People who try to make you look stupid

x Aiden
x Alkaline Trio
x Bright Eyes
x Dashboard Confessional
x Evanescence
x Fall Out Boy
x Funeral for a Friend
x Hawthorne Heights
x My Chemical Romance
x Panic! At the Disco
x Paramore
x Plain White Ts
x Silverstein
x Taking Back Sunday
x The All-American Rejects</span>
x The Used

x Batman Begins
x Cherry Falls
x Corpse Bride
x Craft
x Donnie Darko
x Edward Scissorhands
x Fear
x Ghost
x Home Room
x S. Darko
x Sleepy Hollow
x Strangeland
x Sweeney Todd
x The Crow
x The Dark Knight
x The Nightmare Before Christmas
x Twilight
x Visitors

x Ghost Hunters
x Ghost Whisperer
x Moonlight
x Most Haunted
x Paranormal Investigators
x Ruby Gloom
x Scariest Places on Earth

x[[Authors and Poets]]x
x Henrik Ibsen
x Thomas Hardy
x Sylvia Plath
x The Bronte Sisters
x Bram Stoker
x Stephanie Meyer

x "I hurt myself so I can feel alive"
x "There is such beauty in despair"
x "What's the point in ever trying to be happy when the very persuit of happiness is what makes you miserable?"

x[[Want to get to know me?]]x
x I don't bite!! [=

x[Layout credit]x ravenclawbest